We defend life through counseling, free medical services, education and material support.


Some women and  families find themselves pregnant unexpectedly and need our support, love, and community to feel empowered to choose life. Others are thrilled to be pregnant but would like to take our free prenatal and pregnancy education classes and earn baby supplies while they do so. We welcome all women in all pregnancy situations and love them as God loves us. Abundant Love. Pro-Life.



9AM MAY 12th, 2018 


CPC updates, prayer requests, baby & client pictures, fundraising updates and various local life news announcements will be updated through our Donor & Supporter's Facebookpage! Please like the page and follow us there. We have a separate page for our clients because we want any person in any situation or circumstance, holding any belief system, to feel comfortable coming to the CPC when experiencing a sexual health concern or unplanned pregnancy. 

   Baby Bottle Boomerang is in Full Swing! Don't Forget to share a bottle!   

  Baby Bottle Boomerang is in Full Swing! Don't Forget to share a bottle!



Local churches and businesses participate in filling up baby bottles with spare change and advocating for those who are still in the womb. Join us by filling a bottle & Sharing a bottle with someone else who could become a CPC supporter.  BBB running from Sunday, January 21st thru Mother's Day 2018.

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We have extended our hours to reach more women in our community, specifically women/teenagers in school and working women. You can become a Volunteer and help us serve these women. We need both male & female volunteers. Check out our hours to see when you could be a life saving volunteer.
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