the staff of the Center for pregnancy choices


Priscilla Black

Priscilla is our Executive Director and has been with us since 2015. She and her husband, Will, just welcomed their son Zeke to the world on 09/11/2017 with much joy. Priscilla has a huge heart for the people of Vicksburg and for the women and their children that walk through our doors every day. You can find her most days advocating for the good of others, painting her nails, snuggling her baby boy and playing with their rescue dog Charlee.


Beverly White

Beverly has been with the CPC as our Client Services Director for 17 years, serving and loving on every woman that has come to us for whatever need they had. She spends herself on behalf of the vulnerable and marginalized so that they may see Jesus and know Him as she does. When she's not busy giving her time and talents at the CPC, you might see her riding around town with her husband on her bicycle


Alice Beamon

Alice has been serving at the CPC for just over 4 years and is the woman behind the statistics we give you. She keeps us in line as a staff but she also has such a huge heart for the women we serve, providing tough love to our clients when most of us couldn't get away with it. Women come back months and years after they've needed and used our services to say hello to 'Mrs. Alice'.


Cassandra Lumpkin

Cassandra is our on-site nurse here at the CPC. She has been everything we prayed for and so much more, providing sonograms, counseling, and a breath of fresh air to our staff and clients. Often times when one of our other staff members cannot get through to a client, Cassandra swoops in with her compassion and no non-sense demeanor and the Lord works in mysterious ways. When Cassandra isn't loving on our clients here at the center, you can find her at the hospital where she works part-time in the maternity ward, or cheering her sons on at their sports games.


Shannon Busby

Shannon came to work for us in the Spring of 2017 as our Financial Assistant. She has worked in finances for over 10 years and fell into our laps in the Spring of 2017 by the grace of God. She brings light and joy to everyone in the office and has a heart for women, teaching them to walk in their God-given identity and purpose. When Shannon isn't sorting through numbers at the center, you can find her hanging out with her daughter, serving on various misinstries around town and baking bread.


Josie Blakeney

Josie also joined us in the Spring of 2017 as our Executive Assistant. She has worked in administrative positions for nearly 3 years, making things run smoothly and keeping us all organized. She is not only good with filing and design, but she has a huge heart for women and a desire to see their lives transformed by Jesus through the Truth and compassion given to our clients while they're here at the CPC. When Josie isn't writing emails or making phone calls here at the CPC, you can find her baking her famous cookies or watching The Office with her husband.